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An Article About Cloud-Computing

Ever wonder how eXpresso relates to the trendy cloud-computing discussion?  Check out this great article by Reto Laemmler about cloud-computing and its potential pitfalls.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Cloud-computing is the buzz word of 2008. One of the first commercialized cloud services was provided by Amazon, offering EC3 (Elastic Computation Cloud) and S3 (Storage Cloud). To consume a service like S3, Amazon provides a simple web services interface through which a user saves and retrieves data. Where the data actually gets stored is only transparent to Amazon. For the user it’s somewhere in the cloud. A customer only pays for the bytes stored and transferred from and to the cloud. It’s a true on-demand system which is capable to scale to any need. The ease of use and low cost of entry attracted many companies, especially web 2.0 startups.”


One Response to “An Article About Cloud-Computing”

It must be a new concept, I can’t find so much written about it yet. For example: